Our Corporate Culture
The camaraderie experienced in our offices is truly unique. Martec maintains a welcoming, friendly and down-to-earth community which encourages a strong network of teams and support. We are an organization of talented, energetic individuals.
Autonomy is encouraged and rewarded at Martec. Our staff is challenged to demonstrate independence and assume new responsibilities as their careers develop. This flexibility ensures that careers at The Martec Group are challenging and stimulating and demonstrates our respect for personal commitments and families.
Martec works with a vast range of clients and industries which provides an intense learning culture for its employees. Every day provides a new experience, and colleagues gain an immense amount of practical knowledge. Many consider a dynamic consulting environment to be an excellent opportunity to diversify their backgrounds and to balance technical and business expertise.
Our benefits package shows our appreciation for our employees' initiative. We constantly evaluate new programs to provide competitive perks for our employees.

Our Work
Martec management developed a formal business process to guide training initiatives, promote quality and efficiency, and facilitate organizational knowledge sharing. This proprietary process sets protocols and identifies "best practices" throughout the phases of a research project and the business development process. We categorize our work into four main process stages:
1. Project Initiation - At the introduction of a new project, team members provide appropriate planning to streamline the team's efforts.
2. Project Execution - Team members ensure the most effective and efficient utilization of internal and external resources to conduct thorough field research and develop valuable recommendations.
3. Business Development - We leverage our vast project experiences and client feedback to further strengthen our client relationships and grow our business.
4. Knowledge Management - We facilitate constant collaboration among staff of knowledge and experience gained from completed projects. The knowledge gained and shared improves every aspect of our business.