The Martec Group is a partnership of technical market research and consulting professionals with a mission to be the best-in-class provider of strategic market-based research and consulting services, facilitating our clients' success in global markets.
Founded in 1984, The Martec Group has grown to over 60 professional staff members in our five global offices, which include Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Beijing.
At The Martec Group, we primarily focus on serving a core group of business-to-business markets, organized into seven key practice areas:

· Advanced Technologies & Services
· Building Construction Products
· Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals
· Industrial Equipment
· Energy
· Healthcare
· Transportation

By focusing our professional resources in specific industries and markets, Martec has developed "cells" of expertise in each of these areas. This expertise allows us to thoroughly understand a given product and/or market segment and to bring to each engagement the full knowledge base our consultants have developed over time. Each project is assigned a team of consultants with expertise in the specific industry, market or technology being investigated.

We offer a variety of research and consulting services, ranging from clearly defined quantitative studies to high-level qualitative research to strategic market planning assistance. Many of the projects we conduct include all three of these components, and all projects result in a set of actionable recommendations.

The Martec Group utilizes a variety of research methodologies that have been developed to best meet our clients' needs. One of our key strengths is in not only utilizing methodologies that have been proven in B2B research, but also adapting consumer market research methodologies to the B2B environment. By expanding the toolbox of research methodologies, Martec maximizes the value of the results we provide to our clients.

With Martec's worldwide presence, we are uniquely positioned to serve our clients and conduct research in an array of global markets. Currently, over 40 percent of our work involves research and analysis in multiple global sectors.

All projects are conducted on a confidential and proprietary basis. We do not engage in syndicated studies.

At the same time, since the problems faced by a client in one industry can be similar to problems faced in others, Martec is in the unique position to learn from and share these experiences with our clients across industries. To facilitate the sharing of best practices, Martec has initiated several benchmarking studies between clients from non-competing industries.

We continually strive to exceed our clients' expectations through our combination of industry experience, methodological expertise, global coverage and value-added service. An important part of this effort is our client satisfaction program, where we ask our clients to grade us at the end of each engagement on the value we provided. This feedback is taken very seriously and is an integral part of Martec's employee evaluation process.

About us→Our vision
The Martec Group's mission is to be the best-in-class provider of strategic market-based research and consulting services, facilitating our clients' success in global markets.

Our Vision
Build successful, long-term client relationships by:
·Partnering with clients by providing an array of strategic market research services to fully address internal goals and objectives
·Continually exceeding expectations through highly differentiated and valued services utilizing the most appropriate, leading-edge market research methodologies
Strive to create the best possible work environment by:
· Providing a well-defined career path which recognizes and rewards outstanding performance
· Promoting employee growth and development through effective training, continuing education and skill set development
· Fostering an environment of teamwork, respect and integrity